Metal Grinding For A Polished Surface

WHAT IS A metal grinder?

A metal grinder is a tool that is hand held and used for the purpose of polishing and grinding metal and metallic surfaces. A metal grinder works through abrasion. This means that the grinder cuts the surface of metals thereby removing the parts that have been exposed to environmental abuse such as rust. The metal grinder also works in a similar manner to shape metals into a desired shape. They are used in construction sites and by renovators and in metal work industries that deal with making metallic instruments.

The commonest type of metal grinder that is available is the Angle Grinder. This hand held tool can be powered by an electric motor, oil energy based engine or compressed air. The motor provides the energy needed to turn the head which has a gear, which then turns the serrated disc mounted on it. This mounted serrated disc is responsible for the abrasive function of any metal grinder. The disc is replaceable and comes in various forms including, fiber, metal and hard plastic. The discs come in different sizes as well. This allows larger discs to be used for wider work surfaces and small discs to be used for finer details.

One of the commonest uses of metal grinders is in the renovation of metallic gadgets be it tables, pipes, in order to get rid of rust. Most metals undergo oxidation when they are exposed to Oxygen in the atmosphere and as a result they become coated with rust. In addition to looking ghastly, this makes the metal age faster. If left unchecked, the rust slowly extends deeper into the metal.


Grinding is a mechanical method of removing rust from metallic surfaces and polishing of metallic surfaces to give that new smooth finished look. The angle grinder can be used to remove rust and polish up the surface nicely. The grinding disc on the grinder is driven by motor and passed lightly over the surface of metals and abrades the rust away to reveal the untouched metal inside.

In addition, the process allows for the polishing of the metal to make it even. For example, a lopsided metal can be ground to become the same level. This ensures a flat surface or any shape one requires.

Metal grinders are easy to use; however it is important to involve experts so as to avoid injury.